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Photo Management

Most cloud photo management solutions like Google Photos, Flickr, and Amazon Photos don't secure your photos against being accessed by the cloud storage provider themselves. These options keep your personal photos private, while allowing you to share them only with family and trusted people.


ente logo ente logo

ente is an end-to-end encrypted photo backup service which supports automatic backups on iOS and Android. Their code is fully open-source, both on the client side and on the server side. It is self-hostable. It underwent an audit by Cure53 in March 2023 and by Fallible in April 2023.




Stingle logo Stingle logo

Stingle is a gallery and camera application with built-in, end-to-end encrypted backup and sync functionality for your photos and videos. Storage starts at 1GB for free accounts on their cloud, or you can host your own Stingle API server for total independence.




PhotoPrism logo

PhotoPrism is a self-hostable platform for managing photos. It supports album syncing and sharing as well as a variety of other features. It does not include E2EE, so it's best hosted on a server that you trust and is under your control.




Please note we are not affiliated with any of the projects we recommend. In addition to our standard criteria, we have developed a clear set of requirements to allow us to provide objective recommendations. Wij stellen voor dat je jezelf vertrouwd maakt met deze lijst voordat je een project kiest, en jouw eigen onderzoek uitvoert om er zeker van te zijn dat je de juiste keuze maakt.

Minimale vereisten

  • Cloud-hosted providers must enforce end-to-end encryption.
  • Moet een gratis plan of proefperiode aanbieden om te testen.
  • Moet TOTP of FIDO2 multi-factor authenticatie ondersteunen, of Passkey-logins.
  • Moet een webinterface bieden die basisfuncties voor bestandsbeheer ondersteunt.
  • Moet gemakkelijke export van alle bestanden/documenten mogelijk maken.
  • Gebruik standaard gecontroleerde versleuteling.
  • Moet open source zijn.

Beste geval

  • Moet een gepubliceerde audit hebben van een gerenommeerde, onafhankelijke derde partij.