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Privacy Policy

Privacy Guides is a community project operated by a number of active volunteer contributors. The public list of team members can be found on GitHub.

Data We Collect From Visitors

The privacy of our website visitors is important to us, so we do not track any individual people. As a visitor to our website:

  • No personal information is collected
  • No information such as cookies are stored in the browser
  • No information is shared with, sent to or sold to third-parties
  • No information is shared with advertising companies
  • No information is mined and harvested for personal and behavioral trends
  • No information is monetized

Data We Collect From Account Holders

If you register for an account on one of our services, we may collect any information you provide us (such as your email, password, profile information, etc.) and use that information to provide you with the service. We never share or sell this data.

Some services we host have separate privacy policies which supersede this document. For example, the privacy policy of our forum can be found at

Contacting Us

Even in the limited cases where your data is collected, our volunteers and most members of the Privacy Guides team have no access to that information. Some information (such as your email address) may be accessible to moderators via limited control panels for the purposes of moderating our communities.

Thus, inquiries regarding your personal information should be sent directly to:

Jonah Aragon
Services Administrator

For all other inquiries, you can contact any member of our team.

For complaints under GDPR more generally, you always have the option to lodge complaints with your local data protection supervisory authorities.

About This Policy

We will post any new versions of this statement here. We may change how we announce changes in future versions of this document. In the meantime we may update our contact information at any time without announcing a change. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for the latest contact information at any time.

A full revision history of this page can be found on GitHub.

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