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Supporting Us

It takes a lot of people and work to keep Privacy Guides up to date and spreading the word about privacy and mass surveillance. If you like what we do, consider getting involved by editing the site or contributing translations.

Donation Information

Unfortunately, Open Collective Foundation (our long-time fiscal host) announced they are dissolving their operations and can no longer support us or any project they host. Thus, we have no way to accept donations at this time. We are looking into ways to move forward from a legal perspective, but in the meantime any non-monetary contribution you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Another option to support us is by buying our merchandise from HelloTux. We get a small commission for each item sold, and you get a quality product to show for it.

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Thank you to all those who support our mission! ❤

How We Use Donations

Privacy Guides is a non-profit organization. We use donations for a variety of purposes, including:

Domain Registrations

We have a few domain names like which cost us around $10 yearly to maintain their registration.

Web Hosting

Traffic to this website uses hundreds of gigabytes of data per month, we use a variety of service providers to keep up with this traffic.

Online Services

We host internet services for testing and showcasing different privacy-products we like and recommend. Some of which are made publicly available for our community's use (SearXNG, Tor, etc.), and some are provided for our team members (email, etc.).

Product Purchases

We occasionally purchase products and services for the purposes of testing our recommended tools.

We are still working with our fiscal host (the Open Collective Foundation) to receive cryptocurrency donations, at the moment the accounting is unfeasible for many smaller transactions, but this should change in the future. In the meantime, if you wish to make a sizable (> $100) cryptocurrency donation, please reach out to

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